What makes our Digital Carb Sync Tool the Best?

Quick Answer: State-of-the-Art Digital Technology
Long Answer: See Below…

Old-school mechanical and column manometer vacuum gauges are very imprecise measurement tools. Their accuracy can be likened to using a 100-lb torque wrench to tighten a single screw. Sure, it’ll get you in the ballpark, but you will never get it accurately dialed-in.

In the accompanying image, you can observe vacuum cycles generated by a running engine, with the intake stroke highlighted for reference.

This fluctuating signal is what confuses mechanical and fluid vacuum gauges, causing erratic readings that are difficult to interpret.

During each intake stroke, there’s a notable increase in engine vacuum. However, following this intake stroke, the vacuum gradually decreases during the subsequent compression, power, and exhaust strokes.

The problem with mechanical and fluid gauges lies in the incorrect averaging of these irrelevant strokes, resulting in a misleading and inaccurate average.

When it comes to synchronizing carburetors or throttle bodies, it’s vital to focus solely on the intake stroke for precise adjustments.

Our Electric Portable Carb Sync Tool uses proprietary algorithms to analyze & measure only the intake stroke. This makes our product a True “Digital Peaking Manometer”.

An added bonus is that our software also counts the pulses to calculate a precise RPM, making The Digi Sync a highly accurate Digital Tachometer.

Please Note: This feature is designed for engines with only one carburetor (or throttle body) per cylinder. If more than one piston is connected to the same carb, the RPM displayed must be interpreted differently.


The High-End Industrial-Grade sensors used in The Digi Sync are highly accurate within 0.1 inHg (3.8 mBar) which exceeds the specs listed in your repair manual!!

The only competitors that can match this precision charge $100’s more for their tools. Many of those tools require a laptop to be present in your shop. Imagine balancing your brand new laptop on a running engine! The Digi Sync Digital Carb Sync Tool shows you the information you need to know right on the easily readable LCD screen.