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What Are The Differences Between each Model & Software Version?

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My hose fell out! What do I do?

Our DS3+ model has greatly improved this issue, but this can still happen if the hose is pulled with enough force. Do not worry, the unit is not damaged and you can easily push the hose back into place with a firm twisting motion.

Note: If you want to be confident the hose is in completely, use a pencil to mark it 19 mm from the end. Once inserted fully, the pencil mark will be flush with the face of the unit.

How do I turn the unit off? Nothing happens when I press the button!

You are likely pressing the button too quickly. Try again with good firm press. 

Additional Info: The unit was intentionally designed this way to keep costs down by utilizing one button for many actions. The software measures the time the button was pressed. Several quick presses are used to disable to the auto-power down feature. A long press and hold is used to cycle between the units displayed.

Will The 6-Channel Version Work For Engines With 2 &4 Carbs Or Throttle Bodies?

Yes, the 6-channel version will work on engines with 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 carbs or throttle bodies.

Note: When not using a channel, leave the hose hanging freely. Do NOT cap it off.

Does The Digi Sync Come With A Warranty?

Yes! We take pride in our American-made products. All of our units are produced locally here in the U.S.A. and we stand behind our products. The Digi Sync digital manometer is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace the equipment (at our option) provided you have followed the usage instructions and not abused your device.

Will The Digi Sync Work On My Vehicle?

Generally, the answer is yes.

Our product works on any carburetor or throttle body that has a vacuum port where you can connect our hoses. Some older styles, such as Bing CV and Holley carburetors (found on many muscle cars), do not have this port and must be measured from the mouth of the carburetor.

If you want to use The Digi Sync on these style carburetors, send us an email at [email protected] to let us know. When we get enough interest, we’ll build an adapter! 

Additionally, our product would not be used on any vehicle with a single carburetor or throttle body. This includes most Harley Davidson’s and basic (non-performance ) automobiles.

How Do I Know If My Numbers Are Correct?

The actual values displayed are not important for balancing carbs or throttle bodies. What is important is consistency (balance/sync) between all the measurements. Just focus on getting all the numbers to match as closely as possible to one another. Doing this will ensure your machine runs at it’s optimum and will likely synchronize your engine with much higher accuracy than your local mechanic’s tools will allow.

Why Are My Number Bouncing Around So Much?

Typically, this means you have an air leak in the system. Try the following:

  1. Push hoses tightly into the unit. Make sure they don’t pop off the unit with a light tug.
  2. Make sure the longer hoses are securely connected to your machine. Use clamps if necessary.

After all that is done and you still suspect there is an air leak, you can use a grease or even Vasoline AROUND, NOT IN, all connection points to ensure there are no air leaks. 

Why Are The Numbers On My Digi Sync Showing Up Different Than What I See In Many Of The YouTube Videos?

Older versions of The Digi Sync used custom units that will show approximately 26 without the engine running. Starting with software version 3.1, The Digi Sync now powers-up showing units in kPA and should be between 0 .0 and 2.0 with the engine off.

How Do I Change The Units Displayed On The Digi Sync

Beginning with software version 3.1, you can press and hold the power button to cycle through the following units:

  • kPA (default at every power-up)
  • mBar
  • InHg (x10)
  • mmHg
  • PSI (x10)
  • DigiSync Ver<3.1 (these values correspond to older Digi Sync units)
Do You Offer Software Upgrades?

Very sorry, but we do NOT offer software upgrades at this time. Despite it being cost prohibitive, there are sometimes hardware changes between versions that would make the newer software versions incompatible with older versions of hardware. We are always innovating and will keep this feature request in-mind for the future.

How Long Do the Batteries Last?

A standard 9V battery should last approx. 10-15 hours of operation. 

If you forget to turn your unit off, no worries because the Digi Sync is programmed to automatically shutdown after 1 hour of inactivity. 

I run a Carb Synchronization business and need The Digi Sync to stay on permenantly. How can I disable to the auto-power off feature?

Press the power button 4 times QUICKLY to toggle the auto shutdown feature.

Note: We no longer sell them, but please note there are 9VDC power adapters you can purchase online so you never have to replace the battery.


Are the Hoses Replaceable?

Yes. It is extremely rare that customers need to replace the hoses. However if needed, the vacuum tubing is 5/32″ ID and can be purchased at any automotive supply store. Just be sure to keep the length of each hose as close as possible to each other.

Can I purchase additional 5mm and/or 6mm adapters?

Yes, we can sell these separately. Just email use a [email protected] telling us your shipping address and how many you need. We’ll send you a custom Paypal invoice. 

What Are The Vacuum Caps For?

If your bike is more than a few years old, chances are that your vacuum caps may be cracked and brittle from aging making them prone to ripping when you pull them off. We’ve added these replacement vacuum caps for free as a courtesy hoping it’ll save you a trip to the dealer.

What Is The Purpose Of The Internal Magnet?

The internal magnet feature allows users stick The Digi Sync to metal gas tanks or even the frame of their machine. 

Note: When we started this business, we were building each unit individually in our garage and offered this for an additional expense. Now that we have grown and have a professional manufacturer, this option is now standard on all units. 

Is Your Logo Inspired By The Popular Netflix Series Squid Game?

Sorry, but no. We only play “Red-light, Green-light” on our bikes at the stoplights. Our Hexapod logo is uniquely our own creation many years before “Squid Game” was aired on TV.