The Digi Sync

Digital Vacuum Gauge

Helps you EASILY Synchronize Carbs and Throttle Bodies. Combines Accuracy of Digital Peaking Manometer Technology with High Resolution Idle & Tuning Tachometer!

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Finally! Throttle Body and Carb Synchronization is now a DIY job!

If you can change your own oil, you can use this simple carb sync tool!

Pays for itself the first time you use it!

Portable! Take it with you wherever your crew likes to hangout.

Synchronize up-to six independent throttle bodies (ITBs) or carburetors simultaneously with true digital accuracy.

The Digi Sync 2, 4, & 6-Channel digital carb sync tool automatically self-calibrates and compensates for temperature. Whether you're balancing just two or up to six carburetors (or throttle bodies) you'll enjoy a smooth steady digital display that's easy to read.



Dial gauges require calibration and the bouncing needles are hard to interpret!




Manometer fluids can evaporate over time and easily be sucked into your engine when you blip the throttle!!!

If Your Engine Sucks, We Can Help! —

Our product has been proven successful on a variety of vehicles: motorcycles, cars, boats, etc...

Easy to Read Display

Say goodbye to straining your eyes to find the needle.


Plug it in and moments later, you are ready to go!

Improved Performance

Experience more power, better responsiveness, and smoother operation

Increase Gas Mileage & Range

Go further than you've ever gone.


Synchronize your carbs and ITBs at home in less time than it takes you to drive to your local mechanic!
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The Product







If your are working on more than one engine, then we recommend the 6-Channel or 4-Channel units because you can always leave unused hoses disconnected.

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Built for the DIYrs, Enthusiasts, and the Experts

The Digi Sync couldn't be easier to use. Just plug it in and moments later it's fully self-calibrated and you're ready to make your engine more powerful, smoother, responsive and get better gas mileage than you thought possible. The data is displayed on the bright, backlit, sunlight-readable LCD display.

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Our customers LOVE The Digi Sync! Here are just a few of our many testimonials:

I always thought I would leave the job of a carb sync up to my mechanic but The Digi Sync made it very easy for me.
My Digi Sync came in. It's pretty darn slick!
A bike synced with The Digi Sync runs much better and gets better gas mileage than one not using the Digi.
Cracker Jack
The best out there! None better IMO. I was using a Twin Max electronic balancer which was documented to be comparable to BMW shop $6+k unit by Motorcycle Consumer News. The Digi-Sync is much, much better, the latest technology. I love using it so much, I used it on my DR200 Thumper just to watch the numbers move.
Accurate and you’ll have those carbs sync’d in minutes! The Digi Sync uses short-term averages and shows you a number rather than forcing you to interpret a bouncing analog device. If you find yourself working long enough at synchronizing the carbs to burn all the fuel in the carb bowls you're definitely NOT using The Digi Sync.
I ordered a 6 channel one and it arrived fast, seems well made with good documentation, and seems to get consistently favorable reviews.
Really happy with mine. It is way better than the matched dial gauges and separate digital tach I used before.
My Brother Digi-synced my I/S. All 6 of the carbs are now working closely together as they are sposed to. It unlocks ALL the H/P available as it wuz MEANT to be. If this Digi sync had been available in the late 60s early 70s I'm thinkin my friends gas coupe could have shaved a second and a half off his ETs. Imagine a 440 6-pak after a Digi sync! My dyno was impressed. Having been around tools and gauges most of my life the Digi Sync Looks like it should cost way more than it does.
The Digi Sync is an easy setup with the screw on hoses and internal battery! On start up it Calibrates which takes maybe 5-8 seconds then you are good to go! It is easy to read and Great that it has your Idle RPM too! No playing with fluids or needing a 12 volt source with this setup! Thanks for offering such a great tuning tool and setup! Great safe riding! p.s. I only need 4 channels, but bought the 6 channel unit and love having the option to do a friends six cylinder too!
Bill jr.

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