The Digi Sync™ combines our passion for engines, electronics, and motorcycles

About Us

The Digi Sync™ is the world's leading digital carburetor synchronizer.

This Digital Carb Sync Tool was designed by motorcycle enthusiasts for motorcycle enthusiasts right here in the Heart of America.

We support American workers by manufacturing all of our products in the USA!

Through much trial and error, we've successfully adapted our product so that it also works on all cars and boats with Independent Throttle Bodies (ITBs) or Independent Carbs.

We have been in business since 2015 and have shipped 10's of thousands of units worldwide. We stand behind our product and are VERY PROUD to declare that our customer return rate is less than 0.5%!


A 21st Century Digital Throttle Body and Carburetor Balancer – Synchronizer


We never felt right about paying a mechanic to do routine maintenance on our bikes. So, we taught ourselves how to synchronize our carbs. In the process we became very frustrated with the tools available. Some tools required lengthy calibration processes. The rest left us with an "I guess it's close-ish" level of confidence. So, we said there's got to be a better way. We searched and found several "high-end" options, but the price was in the ridiculous category. So, being the geeks that we are, we set out to build our own highly accurate digital peaking manometer (vacuum gauge) so that we could share a carb sync tool with the masses.

We showed it to our friends at various bike rallies and everyone we showed it to was blown away to learn that they could sync their own carbs and throttle bodies just as easy, and in as little time, as it takes to change their own oil! Everyone quickly realized they could synchronize faster than it would take them drive to the local mechanic. You can forget about the inconvenience of dropping off your bike, arranging for a ride, and then coming back days later to pick it up.

The positive feedback fueled us to continuously and meticulously refine our digital carburetor synchronizer (hardware, software,  mechanical, graphics, etc, etc, etc...) until it became what you see today which is a professional grade tool meant for DIYrs, Enthusiasts, and professional mechanics who want to knock out a 1-hour job (book time) in 15-minutes.

Our customers constantly tell us that we could be charging +$400 for our digital carb sync tool. That's simply not our style! We built this tool to fill a need and we want to share it with an audience that we love. We've intentionally priced it low to keep this tool affordable to all the weekend warriors out there.

"Close enough" is no longer our motto


Out of balance carburetors and throttle bodies result in diminished horsepower, gas mileage, lean (hot) as well as rich (cool) cylinder conditions.

A proper throttle body synchronization requires matched quality sensors and hoses. Soft hoses diminish the vacuum signal and mismatched hose lengths distort the readings.

If you want peak performance and optimum fuel economy from your engine, you need to synchronize all your carburetors or throttle bodies simultaneously! All throttle linkages interact with one another making it impossible to get perfect synchronization unless you can see all channels at one time. Without this, you're in for a frustrating drawn-out process that ends with an "I guess it's close-ish" kind of feeling.

Competing digital carb sync tools only offer up to 4 channels! What about all the motorcycles, cars, & boats with 6 carbs or throttle bodies..!? Our 6-Channel carb sync tool (most popular model) can be used on vehicles with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 carbs or throttle bodies! Need an 8-channel unit? Let us know. If we get enough requests, we'll make one available!

Enjoy modern state-of-the-art electronics and software that make The Digi Sync is the absolute leader in digital peaking manometer (carb sync tool) technology.

Embrace balancing Your Own Bike with Ease

Don’t be left guessing if your carburetors or throttle bodies are still within spec. Syncing is part of regular routine maintenance. Don't be dependent on your mechanic who is likely using an inferior throttle body vacuum gauge.


Additional Benefits

  • For carburetors and throttle body linkage adjustments
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge readings can help diagnose problems
  • Powered with 9-volt battery for 4-5 hours operation
  • Super Strong magnet sticks to metal gas tanks
  • Set of 5mm and 6mm sealed adapters
  • Vacuum tubing is 5/32" ID and can be purchased an any automotive shop.
  • LCD display is backlit for use anywhere and anytime
  • Convenient and durable storage tub with hinged lid
  • Replacement vacuum caps to replace your old and brittle caps

Our Competition

We’re so confident there is no better digital carb sync tool out there, we are happy to give you a list of our competitors so you can compare for yourself. Our product wins on Accuracy, Portability (battery powered), and Cost!

Motion Pro SyncPro™ Carb Tuner

pdS - Carb Sync 4 Channel Digital
Vacuum Gauge Motorcycle

Tecmate TS-72 VacuumMate

Global CarbMate TS-110

HealTech – eSync

Carbtune Pro 4



Other names we are known by:

  • Digital Peaking Manometer
  • Motorcycle Manometer
  • Synchronizing Carburetors
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Digital Carb Sync Tool
  • Digital Carb Synchronizer Tool
  • Digital Carb Balancer Tool
  • Digital Carb Vacuum Gauge
  • Digital Carburetor Sync Tool
  • Digital Carburetor Synchronizer Tool
  • Digital Carburetor Balancer Tool
  • Digital Carburetor Vacuum Gauge
  • Digital Throttle Body Sync Tool
  • Digital Throttle Body Synchronizer Tool
  • Digital Throttle Body Balancer Tool
  • Digital Throttle Body Vacuum Gauge
  • Digital ITB Sync Tool
  • Digital ITB Synchronizer Tool
  • Digital ITB Balancer Tool
  • Digital ITB Vacuum Gauge


Version History:

DS3 with Software Version 3.1 - Released in April 2022

-Added ability to cycle through units: kPa, mBar, InHg, mmHg, PSI, and Legacy Digi Sync units. To cycle units, just press and hold the button for at least 2 seconds. Note: The unit will always power up showing kPA.

-Added auto shut-down feature after 1-hour to preserve battery life. This feature can be toggled off with 5 QUICK taps of the button.

-The device now displays an extra decimal of precision in low-vacuum situations.

-A quick press of the button turns the unit on & off.


DS3 with Software Version 3.0 - Released in 2021

-Updated graphics

-Hexapod has glowing eyes

-Power button incorporated into the top overlay. Press to turn on. Press and hold to turn off.


DS2+ with Software Version 2.2 - Released in 2020

-Updated graphics


DS2+ with Software Version 2.2 - Released in 2018

-Updated background graphics

-Firmware updated to support more vehicles

-Upgraded to overcome hot cams with positive pressure pulses.