High Quality components and thoughtfully Engineered Design


   •  Completely reversible as OEM harness remains unaltered and intact.

   •  Water resistant, sealed electronics with strain relief for reliable, long lasting performance.

   •  Ceramic connector at bulb to withstand high temperature from high wattage bulbs.

   •  Highest quality Anderson 15 Amp Powerpole connectors with locking feature.

   •  Solid professional plug-and-play connections throughout.

   •  Armored cable protects against chafing.

   •  Large gauge color coded wire.

   •  10 amp fuse for single headlight, 15 amp for Dual headlight, 10 amp for Fog/Running lights.




The SmartSwitch Model SSH41 for Single Headlight

Model SSH41 Installed

Model SSH42 for Dual Headlights

Model SSH42 Installed


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Model SSH43 for Fog or Running Lights