There isn't a motorcycle rally that I've attended that someone didn't have a starting problem or headlight problem caused by handlebar switch problems.


Handlebar switches are small, exposed to the elements and are used heavily. Over time this combination leads to switch failures. The biggest single stress on your handlebar switches is the high current flowing to your headlight. As your handlebar switches age the electrical resistance increases. The headlight electrical current along with increased switch resistance leads to switch failure. Inspection shows that the switch has melted and is often ruined beyond repair. Most often the starter switch and Hi/Lo beam switches are not available separately so the entire switch housing must be replaced. Being stranded by a failed switch is not only expensive but it's a process that's simply going to start all over again after repairs are made.


All this expense and inconvenience can be avoided by installing the SmartSwitch switch saver and headlight brightener. The high current of your headlight no longer runs through your handlebar switches so your headlight cannot cause  the switches to overheat and fail. The SmartSwitch runs less than 1% of normal headlight current through your handlebar switches for operation of your high and low beams*.


Your handlebar switches are expensive to replace and often don't give any indication of a problem until internal overheating has destroyed the switch. Install the SmartSwitch before this damage is done to your handlebar switches. The SmartSwitch is less than 25% of the cost of replacement switches.


So install a SmartSwitch before it's your turn to be the rider that's stranded at a rally and can't get your bike started or headlight to turn on.







*Wiring schemes vary between manufacturers. Many run headlight current through the handlebar switches while some do not. Many single headlight models have high current in the handlebar switches while many dual headlight models will have lower currents. Sometimes there is no reduction in handlebar switch currents but there is always an increase in headlight brightness. The SmartSwitch works with all manufacturers wiring schemes.



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