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Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

Available For Single and Dual Headlamps using H4 Style Bulbs - General Purpose Model for Fog and Running Lights


The SmartSwitch protects your handlebar switches from high currents that can cause Start Button and High/Low beam switches to fail, and even melt, due to the high current demands of your headlight. This can leave you stranded, unable to turn on your headlight and/or unable to start your bike.


As a bonus your headlight is provided with all the current it needs to run at its full wattage. Both your low and high beam benefit from running at their full rated voltage.


Your bikes wiring doesn’t send full voltage or current to the headlight because the wires are too small, and   run through both sides of the handlebar switches, ignition switch and small connectors before going to the headlight.


The SmartSwitch delivers up to a 32% increase in low-beam brightness and up to a 40% increase in high-beam brightness when compared to using a stock wiring.  Under-voltage quartz bulbs burn out faster than those operating with full rated voltage, so your headlight bulbs last longer too.


Works with all bulbs including LED, Xenon, Tungsten Quartz and headlights with modulators.

The SmartSwitch takes the load off of your handlebar switches and wiring harness


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