The Digi Sync™ is a Trademarked product


The Digi Sync is Simply The Best and only Digital Peaking Manometer With High Resolution Idle and Tuning Tachometer!

Vacuum Gauge


Finally! Synchronize up to six carburetors simultaneously with true digital accuracy. No vibrating gauges. No fear of sucking fluids into your engine. The Digi Sync six-channel manometer is automatically self calibrating and temperature compensated. Whether you're balancing just two or up to six carburetors or throttle bodies you'll enjoy a smooth steady digital display that's easy to read. All throttle linkages interact with one another making it impossible to get perfect synchronization unless you can see all channels at one time. Enjoy modern state of the art electronics and software that make the Digi Sync the absolute leader in digital manometer technology.


Easy to use. Just plug it in and in less than 20 seconds it's fully self-calibrated and you're ready to make your engine more powerful, smoother, responsive and get better gas mileage than you thought possible. Everything you need to know is displayed on the bright, backlit, sunlight-readable LCD display.


Don't be left guessing if your carburetors or throttle bodies are performing as engineered . And don't count on your  mechanic or dealer having a digital peaking manometer. It's super easy to use and quickly pays for itself.


•  For carburetors and throttle body linkage adjustments

•  Vacuum readings can help diagnose problems

•  Powered with 9-volt battery for 4-5 hours operation

•  Includes Super Strong replacement vacuum caps

•  Vacuum tubing is 5/32" ID and is replaceable on all models

•  2 & 4 channel models include 5 or 6mm threaded adapters

•  LCD display is backlit for use anywhere or anytime

•  Available with convenient, durable storage tub with hinged lid

•  Optional magnetic cling for perching the Digi Sync on gas tank

A 21st Century Digital Throttle Body and Carburetor Balancer - Synchronizer

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

NEW! Now available in 2, 4 or 6 channel models.  All models deliver the same incredible 21st century performance!